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Tim Palmer is a climate physicist at the University of Oxford:

He writes:

My research spans a wide variety of areas, from the theoretical to the practical, in issues related to the predictability and dynamics of weather and climate. On the theoretical side, I am especially interested in aspects of the climate system which exhibit nonlinear behaviour, for example where atmospheric processes on different space and time scales interact. This has led me to try to recast the basic equations for climate prediction as stochastic rather than deterministic. On the practical side, I have worked on the application of weather and climate forecasts for malaria prediction, flood forecasting, and crop yield estimation.

I have been a lead author of the IPCC third assessment report, have coordinated two European Union climate projects, and was co-chair of the international scientific steering group of a World Climate Research Programme project on climate variability and predictability. I was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2003, and served on the Royal Society Council in 2008-9. I am president-elect of the Royal Meteorological Society, and am a member of the government’s Adaptation Sub-Committee of the Climate Change Committee, chaired by the Principal of Jesus College, Lord Krebs. I have won prizes from a number of learned societies and academies, in the UK and overseas.

He is a co-editor of two books:

  • Tim Palmer and Renate Hagedorn, editors, Predictability of Weather and Climate, Cambridge U. Press, Cambridge, 2006.

  • Tim Palmer and Paul Williams, editors, Stochastic Physics and Climate Modelling, Cambridge U. Press, Cambridge, 2010.

The second is discussed in the following interview with Tim Palmer:

Articles from this book are also discussed in Week 308 and the following Azimuth Project pages:

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