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Here we list reports on global warming, energy and related issues. Some of these have links to summaries and critiques here on the Azimuth Project. Later we will write comparisons of these reports and assessments, highlighting areas of agreement and disagreement.

Also see Plans of action. Roughly, ‘reports’ analyze problems while ‘plans of action’ propose solutions.

Climate reports

The last one says:

The uncertainties about both the costs and benefits from reduced climate change are vast. In a recent meta-analysis examining 28 studies’ estimated benefits from reduced climate change (Tol 2005), the 90-percent confidence interval for the benefit estimates ranged from -10to+10 to +350 per ton of carbon, with a mode of 1.50perton.Onthecostside,aseparatestudyfoundmarginalcostsofbetween1.50 per ton. On the cost side, a separate study found marginal costs of between 10 and $212 per ton of carbon for a 10 percent reduction in 2010 (Weyant and Hill 1999).

Energy reports

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