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Lattice gas automata (changes)

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From the Wikipedia article:

Lattice gas automata (LGA) or lattice gas cellular automata (LGCA) methods are a series of cellular automata methods used to simulate fluid flows. It was the precursor to the Lattice Boltzmann method s. s (LBM). From the LGCA, it is possible to derive the macroscopicNavier-Stokes equations . Interest in the LGCA methods levelled leveled off in the early 1990s, as the interest in the lattice Boltzmann started to rise.

gas flowOne way of understanding both LGA and LBM is to do like Albert Einstein did with light, imagine that you are the gas particle and then turn, move and maybe collide with other particles. This is also the principle used in turtle graphics by Seymour Papert. LGCA is that simple but can still create this moving gas complexity:

gas on the move