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José A. Lutzenberger (1926-2002) or “Lutz” as he was known by his friends, was a Brazilian agronomist and chemical engineer of German descent and Brazil’s first environmentalist. He won the Right Livelihoods Award in 1988 for his work.


Lutz was a scientist at heart who loved to understand how everything worked and he was visionary in pointing out the core of the environmental problems, including our anthropocentric worldview. He refused to discuss only technical fixes and challenged economists to accept that human economics is a subsystem of ecology. He was also an early promotor of the Gaia theory.

Obituary in the Guardian

Some of his texts (mostly from the 90s, but nevertheless still relevant) can be found on the Fundação Gaia pages, in different languages (Portuguese, German, English).

For example:

Our suicidal ethics

Rain forests and world climate

Alternative Agriculture Concepts to cope with Climate Impacts

Biomass for Energy, Development and the Environment