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I have been called a Renaissance man, since I have both intellectual skills and creative talent - or at least serious pursuits in both areas. As a child, my ambition was to be a scientist, and I was drawn to non-fiction while others were reading stories. But having a voice that was strong and true, I found myself pressed into service for every sort of dramatic and musical presentation imaginable.

After graduating with honors from High School, I attempted a challenging double major in Physics and Music in College - but I ended up stalling out after my third year. Then, after working for a while, I did go back to school and got a Physics degree, but I didn’t get the chance to pursue advanced degrees - despite my high GRE scores and the best attempts of one of my profs to get me into Harvard - because I had no funds.

So I ended up working a number of different jobs, some of which had technical or engineering titles, eventually achieving titles of Director of Engineering and VP of Development - before leaving the corporate milieu to start my own Multimedia Production business. I have had some modest success in that area, including a Grammy award for recording Folk legend - and environmental activist - Pete Seeger.

At this point; I am once more pursuing the goal of being active in Science. I have a handful of papers published in peer-reviewed academic journals and conference proceedings, with others where I am author or co-author soon to be published. I am on the advisory board of the fledgling journal Prespacetime, where I recently served as guest editor (with viXra founder Phil Gibbs) for special issues on Cosmology and Gravity.

My interest in the Azimuth project stems from a strong belief that innovation fostered by cooperation and collaboration between knowledgeable people is absolutely necessary to solve the problems we face with the environment. Saying that we must choose between progress or prosperity and environmental responsibility is not a sufficient answer. However, with sufficient innovation; we can have progress toward a future that is both prosperous and sustainable. I am here because I think Azimuth fosters the cooperation and collaboration across disciplines which will allow us to do just that.

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