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John Baez

I teach at the math department at U. C. Riverside, but in the summer I work at the Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore.

I work on mathematical physics — which I interpret broadly as ‘math that could be of interest in physics, and physics that could be of interest in math’. I’ve spent a lot of time on nn-categories and fundamental physics, but now I want to work on more practical things, too.

Why? I keep realizing more and more that our little planet is in deep trouble! The deep secrets of math and physics are endlessly engrossing — but they can wait, and other things can’t.

So, now I’m working on information geometry, network theory, and the Azimuth Project, which is a way for scientists, engineers and mathematicians to do something about the global ecological crisis.


Concretely, the Azimuth Project consists of a blog where we publicize our work:

and the wiki you’re reading, where we collect information and work on projects:

and a discussion forum, where we plan our activities:

It’s working pretty well: check out all our members. But saving the planet is far from easy, so I really hope you join and help out.

Website and email

My website is here. It’s packed with interesting stuff on math and science.

My email address is Not really — but if you’re not smart enough to guess my real address from what I just said, I don’t want to hear from you.

Publications and other stuff

You can see all my publications here. You can see my curriculum vita here.

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