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Until 2001 I was a systems consultant and software applications programmer in C, C++ and Java with an interest in formal methods. I now program in Haskell.

Azimuth I stuff contribute I’m to working on at the moment is on my website +Azimuth group on Google+, the Azimuth library and the Azimuth code project.

  • drawing graphs and implementing html5 sliders
  • typing up a simple slab ocean model from Ch. 3 of Gerald North’s A Simple Climate Model? in Haskell
  • joining the front and back ends of Glyn Adgie’s Haskell code for the [bistability] demos.

So far I have:

  • implemented an incorrect version of Allan Erskine’s Coalbedo? javascript code.
  • implemented an incorrect version of Tim van Beek’s Stochastic Resonance? java code
  • implemented a prototype Snap webserver for running azimuth server applications written in different languages.
  • scraped Brian Hayes’s Limits to Growth model and installed it on my website.

As always, corrections, suggestions or criticisms welcome.

Contact: +Jim Stuttard on Google+.