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Java is a object oriented programming language. The Java development kit (JDK) can be downloaded for free from Oracle here. The JDK is needed for programming Java, it inlcudes a Java Runtime Edition (JRE), which is needed to execute compiled Java programs. In order to execute Java programs, all one needs is a JRE, which can be downloaded independently from any JDK, and is included in most standard installations of most operating systems.

Java programs are usually delivered in the form of a Java Archive File (jar). To execute a jar, with Java installed (a JRE), execute “java -jar filename.jar” on the command line. A jar is just a ZIP file with additional meta information contained in a file called MANIFEST.

The current version of Java is 6, version 7 is in preparation.

A rather new programming language that is based on the JVM and can call Java classes is Scala.


The days when software developers wrote code in text editors are over, today they use Integrated Development Environments (IDE): These are programs that integrate editors, debuggers, profilers, code checking tools etc. There are two very popular and free IDE available for Java:

(Sidenote: Java was developed at the company SUN, Eclipse was developed by IBM, the name “Eclipse” is a jibe).



Numerical Libraries

One of the most popular general purpose open source projects in Java, Apache, has a mathematical library implementing some simple algorithms of various sorts:

Example Applications

Climate Models

An example of an interactive climate model for educational purposes is the

  • [[Java Climate Model](]

Unfortunately, the code quality of the model is rather poor (says Tim van Beek).

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