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From the about webpage:

“The IASS is committed to finding new and more effective ways for generating and transferring scientific results to societal transformation processes. Going beyond scientific progress, the IASS directly links its activities to strategic dialogue with policy makers, civil society, the business sector and the media in a transparent and impartial manner. This integration process requires strong interactions between disciplines, both among the institute’s own researchers and with broader partners. IASS research is organized in its three scientific clusters: societal transformation for sustainability, energy and technologies, and earth systems.”

For example as of summer 2013 the section "Long-distance energy transport through superconducting electric lines" has the following proposal:

“Three options, using different superconducting materials and different cooling systems are envisaged and they will be critically examined, taking into account the “state of the art” and their economic feasibility in comparison with the standard alternative of HVDC lines:

  • The classical Nb-Ti superconductor cooled to 4.5-6K with liquid He
  • The MgB2 superconductor cooled to 10-20 K with He or H2 gas
  • High-temperature superconductors (HTSC), either the first generation (Bi-2223) or the second generation (Y-123), cooled with liquid N2“