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Hopf algebra (changes)

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Basic references:

  • Moss E. Sweedler?, Hopf Algebras?, Benjamin, 1969.

  • nLab, Hopf algebra

Examples of Hopf algebras being used:

  • William R. Schmitt?, Hopf Algebras of Combinatorial Structures, Canadian Journal of Mathematics, Volume 45, Issue 2, pages 412-428, 1993. DOI

  • William R Schmitt?, Incidence Hopf Algebras, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 96 (1994), 299-330. pdf

  • Julian Chaidez?, Jordan Cotler?, and Shawn X. Cui?, 4-Manifold Invariants From Hopf Algebras?, preprint, 2019. arXiv:1910.14662

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  • Raul Penaguiao, Pattern Hopf algebras?, preprint, 2020. arXiv:2001.09800

  • Dmitriy Rumynin, Matthew Westaway, Centrification of Algebras and Hopf Algebras?, preprint, 2020. arXiv:2001.09872

  • Diego Arcis, Sebastián Márquez, Hopf algebras on planar trees and permutations, 2020. arXiv:2002.00246

Connection to Lie algebras:

  • Isar Goyvaerts, Joost Vercruysse, On the duality of generalized Lie and Hopf algebras, preprint, 2020. arXiv:1305.7447