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Fredrick Eisele is in the Applied Category Theory Course. He writes:

A lot of what I am doing is related to AQL.

I am developing a language for expressing categories and category families. The specific sub goals are:

  • Data model [category] migration and integration. A data model is an instance of a schema [which are categories].
  • Identify/Develop a categorical language using computational data structures. In particular I am doing this in Clojure.
  • Investigate visualizers, editors and other interpreters. Too many to call out, but I am currently reevaluating the tooling concepts in categorical terms. The main GME concepts are: containment, inheritance, sets, pointers, class-diagrams, and rules. We have two versions of GME, a C++ .Net desktop version and a javascript browser version. Presently these two versions have similar but distinct data-models.

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