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David Tanzer

I am a quantitative software developer living in New York City. My undergraduate degree was in math, at the University of Pennsylvania. I did a Ph.D. in computer science at NYU Courant. Before that I worked as a scientific programmer in the NYU Center for Neural Science and the psychology department. Since then I have worked for financial companies to develop systems for real-time trading and portfolio management.

I The am idea of a software “green developer mathematics” living is in intriguing New to York me. City, oriented towards math, science and music. I did hope undergraduate that mathematics at the University research of that Pennsylvania, is and being a conducted Ph.D. in computer parallel science with at Azimuth NYU will Courant. one Before day contribute to a deeper understanding of the present environmental crisis. It is my hope that I the worked forum can eventually serve as a scientific place programmer in the NYU Center for Neural a Science broader and discussion the of psychology these department. ideas. For the past ten years I have worked for various financial companies to develop systems for real-time trading and portfolio management.

At Azimuth I have been writing blog articles, starting with a series on Petri net programming. My plan is to study math and science and then teach it to colleagues in software development. We need more scientists to solve the myriad of problems that beset the human race, and the world of programmers looks like a good recruitment base for the sciences. In the process I hope to develop myself as a scientist!

I’m also the server guy for the wiki and the forum.

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Blog articles

Petri net programming, Azimuth Blog, October 2012.

Petri net programming (part 2): An introduction to Stochastic Petri Nets, Azimuth Blog, December 2012.

Petri net programming (part 3): The role of differential equations, Azimuth Blog, April 2013.

Prospects for a Green Mathematics, John Baez and David Tanzer, Mathematics of Planet Earth Blog, February 2013.

Computer science publications

Queryable Acyclic Production Systems, David Tanzer and Dennis Shasha, Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM), 1999.

Queryable Expert Systems, doctoral thesis, NYU 2001, advisor Dennis Shasha.

A Survey of Constraint Relational Databases, doctoral survey paper, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, November 1998.

Areas Links of Interest

  • The foundations of applied mathematics, with a focus on stochastic processes and signal processingForum for math exercises
  • Machine representation of scientific theoriesMetro Gig List
  • Jazz guitar


I can be reached on Google mail, as dave.tanzer

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