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Zero carbon Britain methodology

Six reports cover the Zero carbon Britain 2030 Carbon model, Power down, Renewable energy supply, Hourly energy model, Land use, Food and diets model.

Carbon model

Power down

Renewable energy supply


A calculation: 530TWh/y = 530×10 9 530 \times 10^9 kWh/y. Assuming a population of 60 million, this corresponds to

530×10 9365×6×10 7=24kWh/day \frac{530 \times 10^9}{365 \times 6 \times 10^7} = 24 kWh/day

per person. This can be compared to MacKay’s estimates of 16 kWh/day for shallow offshore wind plus 32 kWh/day for deep offshore wind.

  • 27 TWh a year of carbon-neutral gas is produced and used as backup, producing about 14 TWh/y of electricity. Gas turbines with about 400 TWh/y maximum capacity are needed for this. That seems like a lot of spare capacity: is this a big problem?

Hourly energy model

The Hourly Energy Model Methodology is used for assessing this plan.

Also see Azimuth code challenges.

Land use

Food and diets model