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Tim van Beek

Hi there,

after growing up in Lower Saxony, Germany, I studied physics at the universities of Göttingen and Heidelberg. Since my graduation I have been working in the software industry as a consultant and developer in Munich, Germany. My work is mostly about custom software for special needs of big corporations.

I’m interested in physics, mathematics and the question how these can be put to practical use, for example by helping humans to survive on this planet. Someday I hope to find some suggestions here on the Azimuth Project!

Naturally, I am interested in software engineering, too, and trying to use my professional skills for the creation of software for simulations and data analysis for the Azimuth Project, that is easy to understand and to use.

My Email address is:

This is me trying to look serious:

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I am a member of the Azimuth Forum.

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