The Azimuth Project
The Azimuth Project (draft update)

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Welcome to the Azimuth Project!

The Azimuth Project is a collaboration to create a focal point for learning about the math and science that may be needed to save the planet. Our goal is to make clearly presented topic materials, and to help people work together in their studies and research.

Math for the planet

We are following the efforts of a research group at UCR that seeks foundations in category theory for a green mathematics of biological complexity.

As one piece in the jigsaw puzzle, we are looking into the potential contributions of applied category theory, an emerging, interdisciplinary field that seeks to put the abstract relational framework of category theory to use. A diversity of applications are showing up, for example in computer science, topology, linguistics and the study of complex networks, including electrical circuits, chemical reactions and species webs in ecology. We’d like to nudge things “greenwards.”

In what could be called the “Azimuth Laboratory”, an academic research group at UCR is probing for the foundations in category theory of a green mathematics to grasp biological complexity at an essential level. In a complementary effort, the Azimuth Forum is an open association for public study of applied category theory and the many fields of math and science to which it may extend, with a special interest in following the ongoing work in green mathematics.

Due to the contemporary relevance and scope of these ideas, our project goals may appeal to a heterogeneous group of audiences, such as researchers, computer programmers, college students and teachers. To accommodate a range of mathematical backgrounds, we aim to create review sections to help everyone find a comfortable zone to start working in.

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