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This is a place to post small and medium things to be worked on. It is intended to be a dynamic page. Once something is done, then please remove it from the list! Here is the forum discussion for this page.

Maintain the blog index

Here is the Azimuth Blog index.

Updated through: September, 2014.

This involves combing through the blog, and pasting some URLs into the Wiki page. Try to maintain consistency throughout the index.

Tweak the Wordpress blog

  • Technical: explore incremental improvements that can be made to the existing wordpress blog. How much can be done with the current free account, and how much could be done with the upgrade to professional status. What plugins could we benefit from?
    • Update the theme to something newer. Full-width column format.

    • A better index. More than just 10 posts and comments. How about a table of contents?

    • Options for automatically mirroring and backup up the data.

    • The ability to preview comments, which is especially helpful for comments including equations in LaTeX.

    • The ability to have summaries of posts automatically get posted on Google+, and for people‚Äôs comments on Google+ to automatically appear as comments on the blog.

We have a test blog on Wordpress. If you are interested in experimenting with this, post to the forum and we can send you the test account info.


For a more long-term perspective, see Things to do.

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