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Simple online climate model



This page is about a little software project: A (online web) application that illustrates some simple energy balance models.


The implementation will be used in blog posts to let readers play around with some simple models. Therefore it should either run in a browser as a web application or be easily downloaded and executed on the most prominent platforms (Unix, Mac, Windows). A web application is preferrable.

The application will plot time independent, 2D graphs that depend on parameters. The user will be able to change the parameters and see the effects immediatly. In future versions, time dependent graphs and 3D graphs would be of use, too.

Implementation Alternatives

Rich Client with e.g. Java

An implementation as a rich client will run as a full fledged application on the machine of every user, who has to download and start the software him/herself. Since the software should be platform-independent, Java would obviously a possibility. In this case it would also be possible to use Java Web Start to make downloading and starting the application as transparent as possible.

Nathan Urban suggested the Java Climate Model.

Client Server with e.g. Sage

Thin client with JavaScript

This alternative implements all needed functionality with JavaScript. An example was created by Allan E. (see forum discussion).

It is available via Git here:

coalbedo example

It uses JSXGraph to generates graphics. For more details on implementing web applications, see JavaScript.

Questions and further Plans


Old forum discussion thread:

Currently active discussion thread: