The Azimuth Project
Glyn Adgie


I grew up in Malvern, Worcestershire, then studied electronic and electrical engineering at the University of Bradford. Until June 2009 I worked as an electronic design engineer and technical director at a succession of small companies, which I founded with my friend, who is now retired. I am currently looking for permanent employment in fields such as embedded software, engineering-related software development, and technical computing.

Since my last company closed, I have been working on a number of software projects for my own interest. I intend to publish these as free software, but they are not ready yet ;-).

Modular sound synthesiser
The sounds of musical instruments are modelled using interconnected generators and processors, implemented in C++. The connection and configuration of the modules for each instrument sound is defined in Lua scripts. This project awaits a graphical user interface and a robust build system, so it can be published as open source software.
Digital radio system for amateur radio data communication
This is an implementation of the Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) standard, that allows reliable data communication over unreliable narrow-band channels, particularly in the shortwave bands. Though it inter-operates with other DRM stations, the noise and fading tolerance is currently not as good as other implementations.
3D antenna design and analysis application
This is yet another interface to the venerable NEC (Network Electromagnetic Code) antenna analysis software. Most existing free software interfaces expose NEC’s awkward Fortran-based data entry system to the user. The 3D graphical interface is intended to avoid this, and instead work like a 3D mechanical CAD system.

My other interests include composing and playing music (guitar and synth), typeface design, cooking, and brewing beer.