The Azimuth Project
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Becoming a Member

To join all the discussions on the Azimuth Forum you need to become a member.

The acceptance criteria are modest – a sincere desire to help goes a long way.

The application process is simple:

  • Go to the main page of the Forum and click on the button called Register (near the top of the left panel).

  • Please supply your full name as your userid. The reason for this is that we want to represent ourselves as we really are. Use the following format: BillWeston.

  • In the registration form, please supply a reason for joining. The main thing we are looking for is a sign of good will towards the project. We also want to make sure that you are a person, not a spamming robot. As evidence, please include the word “Azimuth” somewhere in your reason for joining.

  • We will then review your application. Give us a bit of time.

  • If all is well, we will notify you.

  • Once you’re in, we suggest that you start a discussion of the form “Introduction: Bill Weston,” in category Chat.

  • Think about what you would like to work on. General areas include writing blog articles, writing wiki articles, programming for the Azimuth code project, and research projects. If you don’t see any activity in an area that interests you, then post a discussion with your ideas about a project; talking about it here can help you to get started with it.

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