The Azimuth Project
Finances of the Azimuth Project

The Azimuth Project is currently a project by volunteers. All blog and wiki articles are financed by the respective authors.

The Azimuth Blog is financed by John Baez from his income as a math professor at U.C. Riverside. He pays Wordpress $30.00 per year for a custom theme, and an additional $30.00 so that the blog contains no advertisements. Baez also pays Dreamhost $9.95 each year for the use of the URL “”.

The hosting of the Azimuth Forum and Azimuth Wiki from 2014 is envisaged to be supported by David Tanzer.

The Azimuth Code Project is partially based at the free hosting service of Google and Github, which is financed by advertisements using user data, and cross financing within the respective companies.

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