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Experiments in what happened to the fish population after the Tsunami destroyed the fleet

What happened to the fish population after the Tsunami destroyed the fleet?

The fishing community in Sri Lanka

Amongst those affected by the tsunami, the fishing community unquestionably were one of the worst. They are also one of the poorest communities in Sri Lanka.

From point Pedro in Northern Jaffna Peninsula down to Galle in the Southern province there were 17,000 active fishermen engaged in fishing industry. The tsunami took the lives of an estimated at 5,006 fishermen, around 32,989 houses of fishermen were affected and 24,572 were completely destroyed. In addition approximately estimated 17,157 marine fishing crafts destroyed and another 4,241 were damaged.

The Tsunami impacted the entire fishing industry, which contributes to 2.5% to the country’s national income.

As expressed by experts: “The total loss of fish production in 2005 would be around 86,000 tons. The country’s foreign exchange earnings from fish export which was recorded at Rs.9.5 billion (£53,000) in 2003, would be lowered by 1/3 as a result of the non-availability of fish for export ” – Tinil Fernando, National Aqatic Resources Research & Development Agency

Another official commented that “the fishing industry in Sri Lanka has been pushed back to its 1950 status”.



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