The Azimuth Project
Azimuth charter (draft statement)

Draft charter

The Azimuth project aims to create an “ecosystem” of people researching, teaching and studying the mathematical, scientific and political dimensions of the biosphere and the environmental crisis. Although we can’t claim to be “saving the planet” today, we are working to contribute to the building of the theory and the community of science that will become a needed element for our continuation on this planet. Our present efforts include putting together a research wiki, experimenting with the programming of interactive climate models, and publishing a multi-author blog on environment-related math and science. We also aspire to the creation of teaching materials for academic, professional, and general public audiences.

We work at the interface between professional science and the larger social body that supports it. We hope that the broadening and deepening this connection will foster an energizing dynamic that leads to progress both in science itself and in our common awareness of reality.


We are affiliated with John Baez’s group at U.C. Riverside, which is researching the foundations in category theory of a possible “green” mathematics. Their framework is network theory. This is a topic that is also being explored at Azimuth. The pursuit of green mathematics is central to the idea of the Azimuth project, since it could become a forefront of science that will be needed to cope with the environmental crisis. But there is an organizational separation here, because this research is being conducted in university lab setting, whereas the general Azimuth work takes place on the public forums of the wiki, the discussion board, and the blog. Later, we hope to connect them through the publication on the Azimuth blog of articles on green mathematics.


Once we have clarified our charter, let’s discuss the possibility of setting up a non-profit Azimuth foundation to support the activities of the Azimuth project.