The Azimuth Project
Azimuth code repository

The Azimuth code repository is hosted on GitHub.

  • El Niño. Various pieces of software by Graham Jones used in our Experiments in El Niño detection and prediction.

  • John Carlos Baez - El Niño, variants of the above software, linked to from the Azimuth Blog series “El Niño Project”. This is on Github but not yet on the Azimuth Project GitHub page!

  • PredatorPreySDE, by Graham Jones. A stochastic differential equation is used as a model for predators and prey. It is a modification of a Lotka-Volterra model. It was used to make images for the blog post This Week’s Finds (Week 309). It is implemented in R.

  • SDEModels. Stochastic dynamic equlibrium models in Java and Scala.

  • DSE, by David Tweed. Dynamic stochastic equilibrium in C++. Glyn Adgie contributed the cmake makefile.

  • CoalbedoExample, by Allan Erskine. html and javascript.

  • BurgersExample. C++ Class BurgersSolution computes the solution to the 1D Burgers equation with periodic boundary conditions on the interval [0, 2 PI]. This is formula (8.7.7) in Nokenath Debnath: “Nolinear Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers,” 2nd edition, Birkhäuser Boston, 2005. This uses the Alglib library for cross-platform numerical analysis and data processing.

  • Bistability Direct port of Nathan Urban’s R code in Haskell by Jim Stuttard.

  • Mrpn Minimal matrix representation of Petri nets in Haskell by Jim Stuttard.

If you are interested in contributing (or just curious about the code) and are new to git and github, here is some basic information about using git and github.