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Alastair Jamieson-Lane

Hey, I’m Alastair.

Okay, a little context:

I’m a mathematician. I’m currently in the second year of my master’s degree in the university of British Columbia. Originally from New Zealand.

Officially my interest is in evolutionary game theory. Unofficially my research is in anything I can get my hands on. My current research aspirations are to model the effects of academic publishing on the development of science (and possible alternatives to the current system), and how different voting structures give rise to different styles of government- I’m kinda worried that climate change, economic structures and resource depletion may put a lot of strain on the democratic structures we take for granted… or just break them into tiny little pieces. But… I’m not a political scientist, I’m a mathematician, so it’ll be interesting to see if and how I have anything useful to say in that area.

I love artificial intelligence, and am currently involved in a project to build a self generating platform game.

I enjoy reading and writing stories. My favorite book is Red Mars. Or Green Mars… really the entire trilogy is excellent. Currently I am trying to write a kid’s story, because why not?

My interest in this blog is… well I ended up here via some collaborators at the Complex Systems summer school in Santa Fe. There’s a project, I’ve been asked to write it up, and given my general interest in this area already this seems like a pretty great place.

Also, I’m slightly worried that this explanation might be too casual or something, but oh well.

Once I’ve got the blog working somewhat I’ll link to it.

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