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This page is about the following book, which is freely available in PDF form:

This book sometimes refers to an older book book, which is also free in PDF form:Plan B which is also free in PDF form.


Harnessing wind, solar and geothermal energy

The author claims that:

A strong, efficient national grid will reduce generating capacity needs, lower consumer costs, and cut carbon emissions. Since no two wind farms have identical wind profiles, each one added to the grid makes wind a more stable source of electricity. With the prospect of thousands of wind farms spread from coast to coast and a national grid, wind becomes a stable source of energy, part of baseload power.

For this claim he cites Archer and Jacobson 2007, which is controversial, as explained in Wind power.

Note: In Without the Hot Air, David MacKay offers some solutions to deal with the intermittency of wind power.

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