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Software is increasingly important in the science and technology of global warming, biodiversity and energy. One of the key components of the Azimuth Project involves software: the Azimuth Code Project.

Why? Many papers in climate science present results that cannot be reproduced. The authors present a pretty diagram, but don’t explain which software they used to make it, and don’t make this software available, don’t really explain how they did what they did. This needs to change! Scientific results need to be reproducible. Therefore, any software used should be versioned and published alongside any scientific results.

Azimuth Project pages

Software is a ‘category’ on the Azimuth Project. Here are some of our best pages in this category:

We also have some pages on specific programming languages and frameworks with a focus on numerical mathematics and visualization:

Software is a ‘category’ on the Azimuth Project. To see all the pages in this category, go here

category: software

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