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Sea-level Response to Ice Sheet Evolution, or SeaRISE is a project to estimate the upper bound of ice sheet contributions to sea level rise in the next 100–200 years. Information generated by this project is available here:

SeaRISE objectives include:

  • developing a set of common input data. These efforts are available from the Data portion of the above wiki. All data is provided in the netCDF format.

  • designing and executing a set of numerical experiments employing a wide range ice sheet models. A list of possible models can be found in the SeaRISE White Paper; details of actual agreed-to cases are found in Experiments.

  • refining details of rapidly responding areas in particular experiments with ice stream/ice-shelf or ice-shelf/ocean regional models.

Who is involved in the SeaRISE project? It seems a bit hard to find a list of names.