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This page is about meteorology, the study of the athmosphere atmosphere and short term weather forecasting.


Forecast Validation

Forecast validation is an important topic in meteorology, since a huge part of the subject is concerned with prediction more or less extraordinary weather events. For more details, see

  • I. T. Jolliffe and David B. Stephenson: Forecast verification: a practitioner’s guide in atmospheric science (John Wiley and Sons, 2003)

Computational and Implementation Issues

Computational meteorology relies heavily on Computational fluid dynamics.


Numerical weather models? are usually grid models? , so that there are usually a lot of important processes that cannot be incorporated into the model directly, because they evolve on a sub-grid scale. Therefore, these processes are approximated by additional parametrizations, parameetrizations, that are influences that act on the model on each grid and depend on a certain set of parameters. For more details, see

  • David J. Stensrud: Parameterization schemes: Keys to Understand Numerical Weather Prediction Models (Camebridge 2007)



Introductory Textbooks

  • C.Donald Ahrens: Meteorology Today (Brooks Cole; 9 edition (July 2, 2008)

Computational Meteorology and Weather Models

  • Wilford Zdunkowski and Andreas Bott: Dynamics of the Atmosphere: A Course in Theoretical Meteorology (Cambridge University Press (April 28, 2003)

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