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Azimuth stuff I’m working on at the moment is on my website or this vps.

  • drawing graphs and implementing html5 sliders
  • typing up a simple slab ocean model from Ch. 3 of Gerald North’s A Simple Climate Model? in Haskell
  • joining the front and back ends of Glyn Adgie’s Haskell code for the [bistability] demos.Glyn Adgie’s Haskell code for the [bistability] demos.

So far I have:

  • implemented an incorrect version of Allan Erskine’sAllan Erskine’s Coalbedo? javascript code.
  • implemented an incorrect version of Time van Beek’sTim van Beek’s Stochastic Resonance? java code
  • installed a Snap webserver the vps with shell access. I’ve installed compilers for most of the languages used on this project so far for other project members to use if it’s any use. Anything compiled for Debian linux should run but if the source runs on yours then it should be compilable and run on this box.
  • scraped Brian Hayes’s Limits to Growth model and installed it on my website.

As always, corrections, suggestions or criticisms welcome.

Contact: +Jim Stuttard on Google+.