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Experiments in the Fay EDSL for Javascript (Rev #4, changes)

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An attempt at a simplest possible functional programming syntax for simulation model specification using the Fay embedded domain specific language (EDSL) and Javascript compiler.

For want of a better starting place, here is a mystery 5 minute example of what looks like Zero-Dimension EBM code which I found I’d written more than a year ago.

I have no idea where these parameters came from, it’s merely for illustrative purposes.

In the Fay proper subset of Haskell

testCO2 = temp 4.3

temp f = (-f)/totalF where

lambda0 = 3.2 :: Double -- Plank

totalF = avLambda - lambda0

avLambda = (maxSumF - minSumF)/2

minSumF = foldl (+) 0 (fmap fst lambda)

maxSumF = foldl (+) 0 (fmap snd lambda)

lambda = [waterVapour,lapseRate,clouds,albedo]

waterVapour = (1.48,2.14)

lapseRate = (-0.41,-1.27)

clouds = (0.18,1.18)

albedo = (0.07,0.34)

The resulting Javascript.