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Experiments in carbon cycle with Sage (Rev #6, changes)

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Create some plots related to the Carbon cycle and do some simple analysis using Sage.


Mauna loa


The classic Keeling curve, plotted upto jan 2011: 2011 in Sage with default aspect ratio:

Here I is think a it plot can of be the better whole with series setting but it showing default season aspect corrected ratio values to : one, so we’ll try that as well.

Here is a plot of the whole series but showing season corrected values : (also default aspect ratio)

Draft Code

Trying to see if TimeSeries,can TimeSeries, can be used better instead of this

  # based on made by Marshall Hampton CC 3.0  import urllib2 as U import time  current_year = time.localtime().tm_year co2data = U.urlopen('').readlines() datalines = [] for a_line in co2data:     if a_line.find('Creation:') != -1:         cdate = a_line     if a_line[0] != '#':         temp = a_line.replace('\n','').split(' ')         temp = [float(q) for q in temp if q != '']         datalines.append(temp) @interact def azimviewer(month = [1,2,6,12,24],trend= True):      if trend:         sel_data = [[q[2],q[5]] for q in datalines]     else:         sel_data = [[q[2],q[4]] for q in datalines]     lp = list_plot(sel_data, plotjoined=True, rgbcolor=(1,0,0)) = True, figsize = [7,5]) #, aspect_ratio=1)