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Eaarth is a book by Bill McKibben about Climate climate change . The title refers to earth, the Earth, which is McKibben claims has been so substantially changed by human influence that the author deems a new name for the planet is in order: “let it be eaarth.” Eaarth.”

Content and Discussion


As the title suggests, the author does not discuss if Climate climate change is happening, he takes this for granted (see POV?).

Chapter 1: Climate Change is real

The first chapter is devoted to list a lot of Anecdotal anectdotal evidence? that temperatures have risen on earth, and that this already had a lot of impact.

Chapter 4: Envisioning our civilization’s future

Bill McKibben describes the kind of civilization that could be able to survive Climate climate change:

It’s a civilization with much less mobility, more localized and concentrated on getting all necessary goods from the neighborhood.

The internet, on the other hand, will help as a substitute to the kind of mobility and diversity that people grew accustomed to during the end of the 20th century.


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