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A list of any generally useful software for tasks of interest to the Azimuth project.

  • briss: a cross-platform program for interactively cropping pdfs to remove excess margins or annoying informationless headers and footers. Particularly useful if there’s a pdf document with a page design that’s intended for physical printing that you want to read on a monitor screen.

    Homepage. Dependency: Java, Swing. Licence: GPLv3.

  • WYSIWYG equation editor.

    Online submission form.

  • GeoNames has over 8 million cities with demographical and geographical REST-based web access. there are many APIS for at least the major programming languages. IT is also available under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence, so go ahead and use it .

** Which ocean is this at lat=40.78343&lng=-43.96625?

** What were the latest earth quakes?

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