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This page is a blog article in progress, written by Tim van Beek.

How to know where does it comes from?

When you measure some infrared radiation coming from the sky, there are two indications why this radiation has to come from “greenhouse gases” in the atmosphere:

  • It is infrared. Sunlight doesn’t have much radiation in the infrared regime.

  • It is not black body radiation, but is concentrated at the characteristic wavelengths of well known gas components of the atmosphere. Infrared radiation from the surface is to a good approximation black body radiation.

Devices to measure the infrared radiation of the planetary surface are called pyrgeometer, for pyr = fire and geo = earth.

Tim van Beek: The following is just a random collection of material right now!

Tim van Beek: I would like to add radiation measurements, maybe some can be found here:

Also have a look here.

Just to have a number, the flux of DLR (downwards longwave radiation) is about 300 Wm 2W m^{-2}.

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