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NetSci14–the Albert-Moreno-Newman interviews

guest post by Mauro Faccin

Objective: I’ve short made (20 it words here or less) responses to three NetSci14 questions in about Berkeley NetSci California by and I’m having a few fantastic attendees. time! The event is surprisingly large and the talks have been very interesting. As you recall, I organized a satellite meeting onQuantum Frontiers in Network Science.

The You people might we recall will from ask: the satellite announcement the view of downtown San Francisco at dusk from Berkeley Hills California from the NetSci homepage:

San Francisco

It’s even better in person!

I’ve decided to put together a short list of interview question and to ask a few of the attendants these questions in short interview format. Since this event is all about networks, it of course is logical that the organizers of NetSci (who did this mention them here??) would present the entire workshop as a large network:

Network Science Network

There were a few people attending the workshop that have influenced some of the network theory work happening here on Azimuth. These include

So I’ve decided to interview them. There are only a few questions and I asked them to respond in 20 words or less. Still, the responses are interesting and it might give you a feel of the enticement experienced here at this big meeting. The questions are

Current (template) Interview Questions

  • What was your talk about? Do you have a link to your slides so blog readers can take a look?

  • Do What do you think consider some of the talk most will surprising impact or the unexpected community? thing/talk/announcement which took place at NetSci14?

  • What do you think is an important (even long term) future challenge for network science?

  • At the Azimuth project, we work have worked a lot on general frameworks for networks, chemical reaction networks and of course, quantum networks. (What’s the point of view of a network scientist on this topics?) Considering our skill sets, what else do you think would be cool for us to work on?

Reka Albert

Put her picture here in the center

Yamir Moreno

Put picture here in the center

Mark Newman

Put picture here in the center

quantum netsci2014

By the way, here’s a view of downtown San Francisco at dusk from Berkeley Hills California from the NetSci homepage:

San Francisco

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