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Birmingham has the most detailed analysis of domestic, commercial, industrial and transport carbon reduction measures of any city in the world.


Birmingham is and the UK’s wider second urban city area with has a population of 1.3m 3 million, an economy worth £50 billion a year and is an the energy largest bill local of authority £5.1 in billion Europe. a year.


In 2013 the city council established a panel, the Birmingham Green Commission, consisting of academics, business people and voluntary sector representatives to report on a comprehensive environmental strategy for the local authority area.

The commission set a target of reducing the Birmingham and wider urban area (BWUA)‘s carbon emissions by 60% by 2027 from a 1990 baseline.

The Green Commission’s analysis was developed into a Carbon Roadmap.

It also mandated regular monitoring of progress, CO2 emmissions? the first of which was published in 2014.

The city council also commissioned a mini-Stern report on the economics of low carbon strategies for the BWUA.