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I am a software developer working at an investment bank in New York. I am also a new dad, a music lover, and a keen cook (which eats up about as much of my time as programming and raising a child put-together); I grew up in Scotland and live in Brooklyn.

In a previous life my postgraduate studies were in statistics and algorithmic complexity but (grumbles) I let it slide to begin working; prior to that I studied neural networks at King’s College, London, and prior to prior to that maths and computing science at Glasgow. I was also a games programmer and web consultant somewhere in amongst all that.

My current language loyalties are Haskell, Scala, C++ and some Lisp variants, but I have also much enjoyed the recent Javascript work I’ve done, not really for the language itself, but for the mountains of cool stuff written in Javascript which I now have an excuse to geek-out on thanks to the Azimuth Project, where I have contributed to some of the interactive visualizations.

I can be contacted as +Allan Erskine or first.last -at-