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Solar energy (Rev #1)



Solar energy is a term meant to include all ways of harnessing energy from solar radiation. Ways of turning solar radiation into electrical power are discussed here:

So, this is the page for discussing other uses of solar energy.


On Azimuth, Henry Luce provided some information on solar smelters.

Here is a a patent application for a solar smelter, and a link to a database where you can search and get pdf files of patents for free:

Here is a web site, incidentally by the same guy who has the patent application above, about solar smelters. He’s apparently got a working model:

Here are two articles in Russian by the same author on large solar smelting furnaces, behind a Springer paywall:

  • A. A. Abdurakhmanov et al., Analysis of operating characteristics of various smelting furnaces on a large solar furnace, Applied Solar Energy 44, 24-27.

  • A. A. Abdurakhmanov et al., Creating melting furnaces based on the large solar furnace, Applied Solar Energy 44 284-287.

Solar Cookers

There is a wiki devoted to the art of solar cooking:

Solar cookers can be used to ease the problems of deforestation (as in Haiti, where all of the woodbearing plants get burned for charcoal) and indoor air pollution from wood-fueled cooking fires: