The Azimuth Project
Innovative energy (Rev #4)



The purpose is two-fold to survey and scrutinize working energy innovations and collect useful combinations. Second its is important to find ways to optimize the scientific research and technological development cycle of needed energy solutions.


Innovative energy

So according to Watts:

innovation will likely play a major role in any changes of this scale. A number of modeling studies have made this point simply by treating innovation as an exogenous influence on key parameters, such as the rate of autonomous energy efficiency improvements, the cost of low-carbon emitting technologies, or the rate of technology spillovers from developed to developing countries.

By considering a range of assumptions about these parameters, these studies confirm that over the long term, sustained rates of either fast or slow innovation can make virtually any emissions-reduction target either inexpensive or impossibly costly to meet.

Feasible Combinations

So this can be over time or space. For the former it can be Energy storage or the latter can be Electrical grid smart solutions.

Energy strategies

For now we assume adaptive energy strategies, according to the assumptions of Azimuth.

Adaptive Innovation Cycles

Here we have to think about “optimizing” from several point of views, faster-slower, global - local, or other ways of achieving results and decisions in desired ways