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Forum - Guide (Rev #36)

  • For information on joining the forum, see: Forum - Joining.

  • Mark up: Apparently, at the forum, you can use HTML markup and also LaTex. You can also edit your posts if you click on the “gear” symbol.

  • To effectively use the search box on the forum, you need to understand the quirks of the search string format. See this discussion.

Note that this applies only to searching on the forum, not on the wiki.

It appears that the Azimuth Forum uses VanillaForum unlike the Wiki.

  • How to add a link
  • How to add an inline content
    • latex
    • svg
    • tikz
  • How to reply to a comment
  • How to do @mention with a blank in the user name

Historically Forum content was Markdown+itex2MML

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