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There are usually several blog articles in various states of progress that need feedback and are being actively discussed in the forum before being posted to the blog. You can find them here.

Azimuth Project news

Summary: What’s new on the Azimuth Project?

Curtis Faith on the Azimuth Project

Summary: Curtis Faith introduces himself and talks about why he decided to help out on the Azimuth Project.

Making decisions under uncertainty

Summary: Groups often want to make the right decisions. So they spend a lot of time in the decision process itself. A better approach is to acknowledge when perfect decisions don’t exist and to incorporate the uncertainty itself into your plans.

Week 309

Summary: Another application of Hopf bifurcations with noise, this time to predator-prey systems.

category: meta

Network Theory (Part 1)

  • Main author: John Baez

  • Wiki page: Blog - Network theory (Part 1)?

  • Forum discussion group:

Summary: Stochastic Petri nets are used to describe chemical reactions and also processes of birth, death and predation in quantitative ecology. Here we begin explaining how to study them using ideas from quantum field theory.