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The World Nuclear Association or WNA is an international organization that promotes nuclear power and supports the many companies that comprise the global nuclear industry. Its members come from all parts of the nuclear fuel cycle. According to Wikipedia, WNA members are responsible for 95% of the world’s nuclear power outside of the U.S. as well as the vast majority of world uranium, conversion and enrichment production. The WNA says it aims to facilitate the interaction of their members on technical, commercial and policy matters and promote wider public understanding of nuclear technology.

Accredited to the United Nations, the WNA is an independent, non-profit organization, funded primarily by membership subscriptions. It is unknown how much funding is dedicated to influencing policy. Needless to say, information from the WNA should be taken with an eye to possible pro-nuclear biases.

The WNA has released a plan of action called the Nuclear Century Outlook, discussed here on Azimuth.


According to their self-description, the WNA’s role is to support the global nuclear energy industry through:


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