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Parabolic trough

A parabolic trough is a concentrated solar thermal power device which consists of a parabolic mirror and a tube centered at the focal axis of the parabolic mirror; the tube contains a fluid (most often a synthetic oil, but also molten salt; air) which is heated while passing through the tube. The tube is often a Dewar flask (wikipedia).

A molten salt technology is used in Archimede plant.

The air is used in the projects by the Swiss company

Their mirrors are larger than in other technology and the concrete carrier is made on the site; instead of metal they use cheap folium for reflection and concrete carrier; the system of pipes is multiarc and pneumatic. One of the systems is used to reheat the hot air used in cement factory. The air has good thermal capacity in the range around 600-650 C what is the temperature obtained after reheating. Airlight energy operates mainly in Morocco, the country which has some of the other large concentrated solar power projects under way, e.g.

By 2020, Morocco expects to draw over 40 percent of its energy needs from solar, wind, hydro power and biomass.

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