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Climate Code Foundation


The Climate Code Foundation seeks to promote public understanding of climate science:

The board consists of Nick Barnes, Philippa Davey, and David Jones. Their main project is called ‘Clear Climate Code’. They are making an open-source version of GISTEMP written in Python:

Our currently active project is ccc-gistemp, a reimplementation of GISTEMP in Python. GISTEMP is a reconstruction of historical temperatures using the instrumental record (records taken and kept at temperature monitoring stations around the world); it’s produced by the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS). It’s a computer program, mostly written in Fortran. One of the outputs of GISTEMP is a graph of the historical temperature anomaly, such as the graphs that you see on the banner of this blog.

The “all Python” milestone was achieved with ccc-gistemp release 0.2.0 on 2010-01-11. Naturally we have found (minor) bugs while doing this, but nothing else. Since 0.2.0 we have made major simplifications, chiefly by removing dependencies, and generally processing data internally (by avoiding writing it to intermediate files, which was only necessary on computers that would be considered extremely memory constrained by today’s standards).

Work continue on further simplification, clarification, generalisation, and extension.