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This page lists the currently open coding challenges for the Azimuth Code Project, these are problem descriptions from the Azimuth project that still need a convincing solution.

Convincing solutions may be used to publish expository or research articles in various forms with full credit to the author(s), for examples see the solved challenges page.

Background material to the underlying science, mathematics and implementation issues will be provided.

Open Problems

A few ideas from the Open projects page. So far most of the software on the Azimuth Code Project is connected to stochastic differential equations:

Energy supply and demand:

ZCB energy model

Some suggestions from Nathan Urban:

Solved Problems

Delayed Harmonic Oscillator

This challenge is about a model of El Nino, a quasi-periodic climate phenomenon that occurs across the tropical Pacific Ocean every 3 to 7 years, and on average every 4 years.

The model uses a low dimensional (in fact: one dimensional) system of ordinary delay differential equations to capture the interaction of the Pacific Ocean (slow process with a long memory) and the atmosphere (quickly varying process with almost not memory).

References to the Scientific Background

See the paper El Nino and the Delayed Action Oscillator.

For more background see the page about El Nino on the Azimuth project: ENSO.


The solution was discussed on the Azimuth blog on December 24, 2010.

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